Storm Kings Thunder

Raiding Port Llast

26 Mirtul 1492 DR

XP- 4595
GP- 2776
DT- 10
R- 1
Magic Items – Gauntlets of Ogre Strength Roll F 38 (Grim)

The group decides to go investigate the lost ship of the Dancing Wave to find Duvessa Shane’s Aunt. They meet with the pirates of the Moon Maiden who Alion and gang. At the bar, the group meets Farros a Human Ranger, who is seeking employment. In need of an extra hand the party agrees for him to join in the sailing adventure. They hire the pirates at 10gp a day and 2/3 of the possible spoils they may obtain.

The group sets sail as the pirate’s brief them in daily pirate activities. After uneventful day one, the group is tasked to fish for provisions. Illican and Alion are able provide a few days food. The pirates are pleased. After a few more hours the ship passes the Mere of Dead Men, thousands of dwarves were slain here by an Orc army.

The captain rings his bell calling over the pirates to the general quarters. Another mast begins to show itself in the distance. The pirates point out it’s another pirate ship. A barrage of crossbow rain on the ship, and the crew do not have enough time to man the ballista the enemy pirate ship is ready to board.

The crew makes quick work of the first two round of the enemy pirates. Farros makes quick work of the enemy crew, and the captain calls to board and take the ship. The boats are grappled together. Alion is able to uncover the bandit crew’s worst fears and they begin to scatter They go below deck and the group takes chase dispatching them with haste. The party find a map of Torin which seems to be a treasure map of sorts. The map details 3 dragons inside a mountain and it is roughly 3 nights away. Grim suggests we seek the treasures for ourselves, but Alion emphasizes we gave the pirates our word. Grim agrees in the mean time that we will use the pirates for travel, but will take their treasure when we are back.

Lysss takes night watch and sees sea elves approaching the boat. Lysss alerts the crew, but the captain dismisses them as they are not a threat to the ship. Alion is awakened by the ring of the bell and is able to speak to the elves. The water elves warn that there are giants to the north, and they are destroying their homeland. They are swimming south as refugees to escape the destruction. The party informs the crew and they continue to sail north, but now with caution.

A few days pass and the seas are rough taking a toll on the crew. They continue searching and find some debris, and a giant ship in the distance. The captain says he refuses to go on a suicide mission facing the frost giants. Grim threatens the captain and the crew jumps on the party. Threatened by the actions of the pirate crew the party murders all of them against Alion’s best judgement. Now controlling the ship, Grimm as captain, they make their way towards the immense vessel docked in the distance. As they go closer they hear the sounds of a village being pillaged and destroyed.

At full speed, they make their way to towards the giants, but they are unable to stop the ship! Two Winter wolves are on the boat with no giants in sight. With the boat out of control, Ilikan submerges his head underwater to call forth his fish friends to help steer the ship. Lyss at the helm with Grim navigating, they ram the giant boat. Lysss, Grim, and Illican make it safely aboard dazing the wolfs with the impact. Alion and Farros get knocked off the boat but quickly scale the ship. The group makes quick work of the first wolf, and set their focus on the second. No giants in sight yet. The second wolf is slayed, and a frost giant appears from below. Grim’s swift action he is able to chop down the giant with the assistance of his newly formed pirate crew. Another Giant emerges and Lysss slows him and the group takes advantage of his inability to move quickly. Ilikan lights him up with faery fire and the ranged easily target the exposed giant. The boat goes quiet… too quiet. Smoke begins to pour from the bowels of the ship. Somehow a fire has erupted.

Hearing the fighting in the village stop, the adventurers ready themselves on the ballista for an incoming giant force. The giants are unaware of the pirate crew that has taken their ship and are not ready for the assault to come. Two ballista bolts are let loose injuring one of the three giants trying to board their own ship. The party continues the ranged onslaught as the giants near. One giant cannot handle the peppering attacks is slain before coming aboard, as the other two climbs onto the ship. Alion exposes one of the giant’s greatest fears (he’s trruely a Goliath) and the it is too frightened to fight jumps overboard as Farros shoots it in the eye killing it. The last giant more resilient takes down Grimm, but with his last breath holds strong. The frost giant cannot believe such a small ord can be so resilient, and turns his back to the others while he goes for the killing blow to the barbarian. Taking the opportunity of the giant’s malicious intent, the party slay the giant. With only seconds to spare the party quickly into the water knowing if they stray any longer they will feel the full force of the giant’s army. Ilikan summons two sea horses, turns into a sea horse, and uses his cloak to get to shore. At shore Illikan lets out a smirk as the giant’s ship burns in the distance. They sit at shore reading the journal which was found below deck:

“Frost Giant Storvolt is the leader of the frost giant’s and is seeking to find Artis Simber’s ring to prove to the giant’s god that they are higher in the caste system.”


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