Storm Kings Thunder

Journey to Waterdeep

19 Mirtul 1492DR

XP- 2000
GP- 0
DT – 10
Renown – 1
Magic Item – Bag of Holding (Alion), Wand of Secrets (Lyss) Cloak of the Manta Ray (Ilikan)

Lysss writes:

I hear birdssss. Makes sense as we are traveling by Griffon to Neverwinter. As we land just outside the coassstal cccity, headss are hung low due to our failure in securing Fireshear. Our goal, obtain a vessel to transssport uss south to Waterdeep. The ssailors require 33 gold for the trip and we are warned that we might have to defend ourselves. Fortunately, the first two days of travel went by without incident. Passsssing the Red Rockss, the ssailor in the crows nesst soundss the alarm. Three masts are approaching from the distance. Alion and I take charge of the ship’sss ballistass. Illikan prepares to control the weather and seas to sink the enemy ssship. Unfortunately, thessse ballissstass are broken and their accuracccy sufferss as a result. Ilikan crashed a tidal wave atop their vessel, washing their sssailors overboard. Eventually, they approached to boarding range. Combat ensued, despite Alion’s use of the ballista to take out as many of the crew as possible while blasting holesss in the sship. I used the darkness of Demogorgon’s cloak to shroud me while I sstruck down my foes, damning them to hell. Ilikan used his devine magic to create a strong gussst of wind, sending the raiders over the rail, plunging to their deathss in the ocean depthss. Arriving in Waterdeep, we learn that the Dancing Wave, a ship of interest, is missssing and might be the source of flotsam ssseen at sssea. When we got to the docksss to investigate the Moon Maiden but sssee that the crew has come assshore already. Rumor hasss it that they are at the Hanging Lantern tavern… and they sure were. Rowdy bunch. They were punching Alion in the face before befriending him and buying us beerssss. That opened a door (well, ship) for usss… now we have a sship at our disposal, provided we can meet the 10gp a day fee. Onward we press to the Roaring Horn to find some more information about Siric’s father’s whereabouts. The older man seemed to know that Artis Cimber went rogue. They couldn’t really help ussss, but were able to part with 3 magic items. A Bag of Holding for Alion and his minions, a Wand of Secrets for myself, and a Cloak of the Manta Ray for Ilikan. We take some eagles that Ilikan summon on a joyride up to the cloud giant castle that recently anchored above Waterdeep. It was Count Nimbolo and he was kind enough to tell us that he was here to discuss matters with the Lords of Waterdeep.


Awesome write up!

Journey to Waterdeep
xanstin chefwudan

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