Storm Kings Thunder

Hunt in the Icewind Dale

21 Tarsakh 1492DR

XP- 2600
GP- 1
DT – 5
Renown – 1

Recap in Song-

We start our adventure today in search of Ice Giants!
Grim however, went to get Drunk in an Inn.
We were deputized and given 3 weeks to find and eliminate these giants.
We head South East into the mountains
On the second day, we see some silhouettes
We hid and waited
Giants they were not,
Human trappers, one wounded,
They had been attacked by crazy Yetti’s
Ilikan saved their wounded man
Alion asked for help in learning the area
They told us about a hide out on top the peak,
that giants tend to use.
Then they left for town.
On our way up the mountain,
A giant worm known as a Remorhaz,
tried to kill us.
It failed.
As we carried on,
4 pussy’s decided we’d make a meal
We beat them down
after more walking, we found a dead Ice Giant
We took his head, and then moved on
Found two slightly wounded Ice Giants resting,
Killed them both,

title Defenders of Ice When Dale we Won!


the ugly Dwarf gave us a quest to go wait some place and have enven uglier dwarfs greet us…

Some dude wants us to go find some ring of winter… or some shit

This chick wants us to talk to her aunt about a dancing wave ship, something about fee rides

Harper quest: talk to some gnome flintsomethingbottom… thinks he’ll be helpful in our search for ice giants.


xanstin xanstin

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