Storm Kings Thunder

Eye of the All Father

9 Kythorn 1492 DR

XP- 4880
GP- 1040
DT- 10
R- 1
Players – Grim, Farros, Alion, Ilikan, Lysss
Magic Items – Halbard +1 (F,10,20 Grim), Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location (Alion)

Recap -

Translated from the Orc:

It wasn’t difficult to convince my fellow travellers that we should head north on the High Road to Luskan and from there to Mirabar to search for Weevil—we must find him for the Network before anyone else does. On the trail, we were met by a caravan of like-minded individuals who unfortunately had no new information, but did confirm what I’d last heard regarding the bandit.

On the Blackford Road heading east to Mirabar we discovered a group of Stone Giants. Farros seemed to think it was odd they had wandered so far from the mountains, but it is of no matter. As we laid in wait, a few of them ventured off heading north looking as though they were ready for a fight. We took the opportunity to ambush the remaining giant and slay him where he stood.

Turning our attention to the others, we saw a skirmish between the three stone giants and, unbelievably, Harshnag the Grim—I do enjoy that epithet—of the Gray Hands. It appeared he was struggling, being outnumbered, so we joined him in battle and slew the remaining monsters.

He joined us on our journey to Mirabar and on the way asked for our help with finding the Temple of the All Father in the northern mountains. My compatriots could not refuse him though we had other work to do.

In our quest, we stumbled upon an orc encampment, but there were of no challenge, despite Ilikan’s efforts otherwise. He needs to get a better handle on his magicks if he is going to attempt to use them. Entrapped by the orcs were some halflings who we helped find their way home—how many of these diversions must we make? They, at least, did reward us, offering a fine halberd which had been used to defend their clan for generations, supposedly.

Finally, we were able to make it to the eye and enter the temple with Harshnag. We were not the first to do so. In front of us was a tribe of Uthgardt Barbarians. But, like all previous fights, these foes posed no threat and we made quick work of them.


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