Storm Kings Thunder

Welcome to Nightstone

Village of Nightstone 16 Ches 1492DR

GP- 445
DT – 10
Renown – 2

Recap – A group of adventurers set off for Nightstone after hearing of it being under siege by some giants. As they arrived things felt out of place but that didn’t discourage Aramis from charging into the middle of town screaming like a mad man. Unfortunately, there were a couple Worgs awaiting the bold Aramis catching him by surprise and rendering him unconscious as the rest of the party dropped the Worgs.

After reviving Aramis and helping him to his feet, the next encounter fared better for the group as Alion fire a few magic missiles killing one of two goblins, Aramis the other after confusing him with an insult laced attack of words as the goblin turned to run off and slammed into the wall killing himself.

The group began a systematic search of the town going building by building killing goblin after goblin in the most peculiar of ways even as one was eldritch blasted stuck to a fence post. Their search turned up several dead townsfolk and one Kella Darkhop, who was found alive hiding in the church. They continued on through the graveyard, the Stable, a few cottages and a trading post with a shield with a lion on it.

After clearing the town they continued on to the Keep where they found the bridge was partially destroyed by a massive boulder, probably thrown during the giant siege. Using a rope, all but Ilikan travelled into the keep and Ilikan retreated back to the center of town out of sight. The keep yielded only more dead people but soon a group of soldiers, led by Zulkan, arrived upon Nightstone and began to occupy the town.

Shortly after, tens of Orcs began to storm the town. The group was able to hold off the attack ending when Grim took down their leader (Gurrash) with a well-placed axe to the head. The group would spend the night to recover before setting off to find the missing villagers, leaving Kella and Zulkan to watch the town.


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