Storm Kings Thunder

The Dripping Caves

Ardeep Forest 16 Ches 1492DR

GP- 13

Recap by Lysss:
We resssumed our quesst looking for the humans that esscaped Nightstone, which had been ransssacked by giants & goblinss, before being occupied by some more mysssterious humans. I will have to sspy on them for an underssstanding of how they will serve my race. In our sssearch of the forest caves to the northeast, we found an entrance to a dark cave that had an ogre taking a mudbath. Sssnoring was heard nearby also, so Aramis turned me invisible for a quick look at who or what isss ssleeping. Finding a sssecond ogre and some goblinss, I decided it’sss best that I get this information back to the otherss. The group decidess to look around outside for other entrances and come to a chimney with the smell of burned hair coming out. Aramis decided to climb down firsst and lossst his footing, tumbling down below. That’ss when I heard him ssscream for help, then headed down the hand holds to utilize the magic gifted to me by Demogorgon. Sslaying the goblin, we continue to explore the cave network, finding the original cave we were trying to avoid before turning back around heading wessst. That’s where we ssaw the Goblin King. I tried to talk sssense into him and strike a deal, but hiss political ineptnesss infuriated me… and my feelings were confirmed when Alion told us that he was planning our demise. That’s when I reached for his pudgy green neck with my electrified grasp and battle ensued. 3 goblins and seven ratsss later, we are already looking for loot on the bodiess. A quick talk with prisoner Daphne tells us that there are other ogers and that we should get back to the Lady of Nightstone. Ssshe’ss dead.


xanstin xanstin

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