Storm Kings Thunder

Assault of Bryn Shander

13 Tarsakh 1492DR

GP- 457
DT – 5

Translated from Orc:

We arrived in Bryn Shander and were greeted by an obnoxiously peppy dwarven girl. At least, I think it was a girl, like elves, I can’t tell their genders apart. She gave us advice on where to go and whom to look for before leading us into town and to our immediate destination of Markham Southwell.

He seemed saddened to hear of Nightstone’s near destruction and death of his kin. I don’t know why. The darkness comes for us all eventually, we can only smile back when the time comes. But, he thanked us nonetheless and said he was glad we were here as they, too, have been having issues with giants. We took our leave with plans to speak further in the morning.

I wanted to head to one of the local taverns to imbibe a firewhisky the dwarf had mentioned, but my compatriots wanted to look elsewhere first. Finally we made our way to the establishment and it was a surprisingly decent drink. The same can not be said for the other patrons. I noticed the pompous look of a member of the Order immediately and went to mock him. It went right over his head as he wished my assistance in capturing some minor thief. And for free at that. What kind of idiot does he think I am?

Luckily, I found some other members of the Network. They too we looking for this thief, Weevil. He must have pissed of the wrong people. They gave me his description and last location and stressed the urgency of the matter. I must not let them down.

The rest of the evening passed without much incident and we found lodging for the night.

The next morning as we were returning to Markham, we notice the town seemed eerily silent and deserted. We soon discovered the giants were here and preparing to siege the town. Following Markham to a garrison, I took control of a ballista as my brothers in blood used their magicks.

They were, however, utterly ineffective and allowed the gate to be destroyed by the volley unleashed by the attackers. With that, I ran to the remains of the wall and stood my ground. Soon, drenched in blood, mine and theirs, we were victorious and had helped save the town from the onslaught.

Markham surmised that this would not be the last of them and suggested we enter their territory for retribution. We will soon embark and I hope to feel the warming embrace of that crimson liquid once again.


xanstin majorthom

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