Storm Kings Thunder

Call to Arms
Village of Nightstone 15 Ches 1492DR

You have assembled a party of like minded adventurers in Waterdeep, each with their own goals, but sharing one purpose to investigate the giant uprising. The sword coast is still reeling from the raids of the Cult of the Dragon and now the giants have begun raiding and pillaging the land in the defeated Tiamats wake.

Giants have emerged from their strongholds to threaten civilization as never before. Hill giants are stealing all the grain and livestock they can, while stone giants have been scouring settlements that have been around forever. Fire giants are press-ganging the small folk into the desert, while frost giant longships have been pillaging along the Sword Coast. Even the elusive cloud giants have been witnessed, their wondrous floating cities appearing above Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate.

The only way the people of Faerun can restore order is to use the giants’ own power against them. You have been dispatched to Nightstone to investigate such an item that perhaps can assist and directed to follow any leads it may give you.

Welcome to Nightstone
Village of Nightstone 16 Ches 1492DR

GP- 445
DT – 10
Renown – 2

Recap – A group of adventurers set off for Nightstone after hearing of it being under siege by some giants. As they arrived things felt out of place but that didn’t discourage Aramis from charging into the middle of town screaming like a mad man. Unfortunately, there were a couple Worgs awaiting the bold Aramis catching him by surprise and rendering him unconscious as the rest of the party dropped the Worgs.

After reviving Aramis and helping him to his feet, the next encounter fared better for the group as Alion fire a few magic missiles killing one of two goblins, Aramis the other after confusing him with an insult laced attack of words as the goblin turned to run off and slammed into the wall killing himself.

The group began a systematic search of the town going building by building killing goblin after goblin in the most peculiar of ways even as one was eldritch blasted stuck to a fence post. Their search turned up several dead townsfolk and one Kella Darkhop, who was found alive hiding in the church. They continued on through the graveyard, the Stable, a few cottages and a trading post with a shield with a lion on it.

After clearing the town they continued on to the Keep where they found the bridge was partially destroyed by a massive boulder, probably thrown during the giant siege. Using a rope, all but Ilikan travelled into the keep and Ilikan retreated back to the center of town out of sight. The keep yielded only more dead people but soon a group of soldiers, led by Zulkan, arrived upon Nightstone and began to occupy the town.

Shortly after, tens of Orcs began to storm the town. The group was able to hold off the attack ending when Grim took down their leader (Gurrash) with a well-placed axe to the head. The group would spend the night to recover before setting off to find the missing villagers, leaving Kella and Zulkan to watch the town.

The Dripping Caves
Ardeep Forest 16 Ches 1492DR

GP- 13

Recap by Lysss:
We resssumed our quesst looking for the humans that esscaped Nightstone, which had been ransssacked by giants & goblinss, before being occupied by some more mysssterious humans. I will have to sspy on them for an underssstanding of how they will serve my race. In our sssearch of the forest caves to the northeast, we found an entrance to a dark cave that had an ogre taking a mudbath. Sssnoring was heard nearby also, so Aramis turned me invisible for a quick look at who or what isss ssleeping. Finding a sssecond ogre and some goblinss, I decided it’sss best that I get this information back to the otherss. The group decidess to look around outside for other entrances and come to a chimney with the smell of burned hair coming out. Aramis decided to climb down firsst and lossst his footing, tumbling down below. That’ss when I heard him ssscream for help, then headed down the hand holds to utilize the magic gifted to me by Demogorgon. Sslaying the goblin, we continue to explore the cave network, finding the original cave we were trying to avoid before turning back around heading wessst. That’s where we ssaw the Goblin King. I tried to talk sssense into him and strike a deal, but hiss political ineptnesss infuriated me… and my feelings were confirmed when Alion told us that he was planning our demise. That’s when I reached for his pudgy green neck with my electrified grasp and battle ensued. 3 goblins and seven ratsss later, we are already looking for loot on the bodiess. A quick talk with prisoner Daphne tells us that there are other ogers and that we should get back to the Lady of Nightstone. Ssshe’ss dead.

Tower of Zephyros
Over Faerun the Month of Ches 1492DR

XP- 5600
DT – 10
R – 1
Magic Items – Bag of Holding (Grim)

The group decides to go south avoiding the ogre and the goblin room.

They arrive in an irregular shaped room with a stream pouring into the room; it’s just wide enough to move in a single file. They squeeze through and enter a stone chamber. A natural formed pillar sits in the middle of the room.

Ilikan notices some tracks on the ground and begins notices the lead to a passage that goes to the east. The others follow.

The chamber opens into a large room with a stalactite garden. Ilikan hears a grumbling ogre not thinking twice Ilikan decides hurls a produced flame enraging the brute.

The group engages two ogres and a handful of goblins

After dispatching the ogres the group takes 3 goblin prisoners. They convince them to to help in the search of the prisoners. With the assistance of the goblins the group finds the prisoners. They are unsure to trust the party, as it seams they are allied with the goblins. After freeing them from the shackles all doubts are gone and they move to exit the labyrinth of caves and head to Nightstone.

After exiting they notice in the distance, a goblin warren is escaping. The party thinks about chasing them down, but they decide it might be too dangerous. Alion is not happy they escaped safely.

We return to Morak (dwarf) at the Nightstone inn and present the rescued prisoners. He thanks the party, but brings up another pressing matter. Morak, with an obvious distain is unsure about the Zhentarim that helped the town. Grim defends Zents emphasizing how they were there to help the town and nothing more.

Morak thanks the group again for saving the people. He mentions he has some work for them in the morning and provides lodging for the night.

Morak offers the party to help give the bad news that loved ones from Nightstone have been slain. After some discussion they decide decides to go to the Ten Towns to tell Marcum that his sister has been killed.

After a short trip the group sees a floating citadel flying by on a cloud. Intrigued by the magic they decide to investigate. The citadel is a majestic tint of blue with a strange wizard hat on top of a tower. Making there way up the strap stairs, they disappear one by one as they ascend. Grim knocks on the door, a voice asks them to enter.

Inside the tower Zephyros greets the adventurers. Lyss tells him that giants have taken the Nightstone. Zephyros explains about the ordering, a caste system of giant order. They wanted harmony with the small folk, but since Tiamat has come the giants have started looting and pillaging breaking the ordering. A prophesy has spoken about a group of adventurers possibly us. He offers to fly us near the Ten Towns to offer the group assistance.

On the third day of flying 9 very thin and lightly armored humans on vulture approach the cloud and demand to speak to Zepheros. They seek to return the land to the days of the giants and think they require Yan-c-bin’s assistance. Zepheros decides to sleep on it.

The next day Zepheros tells the cultists he cannot help at the moment, but perhaps in the future. The cultists, seemingly hostile to the party fly away after leaving a gift. A pouch of pixie dust was gifted, and given to the party. The nimbus continues on.

A few days later a Lord’s Alliance patrol fly’s down onto the cloud ready to attack. Lyss and Alion ask them to stand down and convince the leader that the giant is helping us on a mission and perhaps we can keep eyes on him. The lord’s alliance leader tells us there a lot of giant activity in the Ten City area and orders us to speak to Awkrock Brinhelm in Bryn Shander and to not let it fall at all costs. They also note that two other cities have recently fallen due to giant attacks. It turns out these two cities were the other places Morak told us about. The Lord’s Alliance departs after providing a new mission and telling us of the news.

A day later the cloud reaches Bryn Shander. The cloud begins to descend towards the city.

Assault of Bryn Shander
13 Tarsakh 1492DR

GP- 457
DT – 5

Translated from Orc:

We arrived in Bryn Shander and were greeted by an obnoxiously peppy dwarven girl. At least, I think it was a girl, like elves, I can’t tell their genders apart. She gave us advice on where to go and whom to look for before leading us into town and to our immediate destination of Markham Southwell.

He seemed saddened to hear of Nightstone’s near destruction and death of his kin. I don’t know why. The darkness comes for us all eventually, we can only smile back when the time comes. But, he thanked us nonetheless and said he was glad we were here as they, too, have been having issues with giants. We took our leave with plans to speak further in the morning.

I wanted to head to one of the local taverns to imbibe a firewhisky the dwarf had mentioned, but my compatriots wanted to look elsewhere first. Finally we made our way to the establishment and it was a surprisingly decent drink. The same can not be said for the other patrons. I noticed the pompous look of a member of the Order immediately and went to mock him. It went right over his head as he wished my assistance in capturing some minor thief. And for free at that. What kind of idiot does he think I am?

Luckily, I found some other members of the Network. They too we looking for this thief, Weevil. He must have pissed of the wrong people. They gave me his description and last location and stressed the urgency of the matter. I must not let them down.

The rest of the evening passed without much incident and we found lodging for the night.

The next morning as we were returning to Markham, we notice the town seemed eerily silent and deserted. We soon discovered the giants were here and preparing to siege the town. Following Markham to a garrison, I took control of a ballista as my brothers in blood used their magicks.

They were, however, utterly ineffective and allowed the gate to be destroyed by the volley unleashed by the attackers. With that, I ran to the remains of the wall and stood my ground. Soon, drenched in blood, mine and theirs, we were victorious and had helped save the town from the onslaught.

Markham surmised that this would not be the last of them and suggested we enter their territory for retribution. We will soon embark and I hope to feel the warming embrace of that crimson liquid once again.

Hunt in the Icewind Dale
21 Tarsakh 1492DR

XP- 2600
GP- 1
DT – 5
Renown – 1

Recap in Song-

We start our adventure today in search of Ice Giants!
Grim however, went to get Drunk in an Inn.
We were deputized and given 3 weeks to find and eliminate these giants.
We head South East into the mountains
On the second day, we see some silhouettes
We hid and waited
Giants they were not,
Human trappers, one wounded,
They had been attacked by crazy Yetti’s
Ilikan saved their wounded man
Alion asked for help in learning the area
They told us about a hide out on top the peak,
that giants tend to use.
Then they left for town.
On our way up the mountain,
A giant worm known as a Remorhaz,
tried to kill us.
It failed.
As we carried on,
4 pussy’s decided we’d make a meal
We beat them down
after more walking, we found a dead Ice Giant
We took his head, and then moved on
Found two slightly wounded Ice Giants resting,
Killed them both,

title Defenders of Ice When Dale we Won!


the ugly Dwarf gave us a quest to go wait some place and have enven uglier dwarfs greet us…

Some dude wants us to go find some ring of winter… or some shit

This chick wants us to talk to her aunt about a dancing wave ship, something about fee rides

Harper quest: talk to some gnome flintsomethingbottom… thinks he’ll be helpful in our search for ice giants.

The Savage Frontier
3 Mirtul 1492DR

XP- 2638
GP- 238
DT – 10
Renown – 1
Magic Item – Rod of Vonindod (Ilikan)

As the party slept for the night, Alion snuck off to see Garn, the Blacksmith, with a gift of a goat to commemorate their last all-niter, but Garn rebutted his attempt suggesting he was old news. Scorned, he cast suggestion on Garn to “passionately have sex with the goat in the middle of town” to create a distraction to sneak into the graveyard to animate two Zombies.

During breakfast the next morning the townsfolk were in a frenzy over news of the blacksmith being arrested on charges of “bestiality without consent” and “disturbing the peace.” After breakfast, the group headed out to assist Beldora with her quest and headed down the Ten Trails to Hundlestone to speak to a gnome named Thwip Ironbottom. Upon arriving in Hundlestone they encountered three Hill Giants tossing and eating the livestock for sport. Grim charged them to quench his bloodlust as the rest of the party backed him up. After defeating them, a family of six dwarves, whom the party saved, offered the heroes food and lodging for the night. In the morning they located Thwip who asked the adventurers to help rid the town of some horrible Hill Giants, but, upon learning the deed had already been done he thanked them and gave them Clockwork Dog as a gesture of his gratitude.

The next morning, the group set off on another quest towards the Dwarven city of Ironmaster, to warn them that Bryn Shander would be lost if they didn’t send reinforcements. The dwarves weren’t very hospitable hosts, not allowing entrance into there city, but paid us for our trouble and sent us on our way.

Once leaving Ironmaster they traveled to Fireshear to secure a charter to Neverwinter but came across a fire giant poking about. Grim, as usual, charged quietly from behind, but the Giant smelled him coming at engaged Grim with two well placed strikes nearly killing him. As this was going on, three smoke mephitis seems to appear from the giants back and charge at Alion. Alion quickly cast a suggestion spell at the giant to “remove his armor.” While purging himself of the plate he wore, the party dispatched the mephits then watched and waited for the giant to complete his task. During this time Ilikan struck up a conversation with the giant curious as to what he was looking for, but he only saw Ilikan as an abomination of the giant race and swore to kill Ilikan once he removed his armor. Ilikan retreated back into his lightning storm as the party reengaged with the giant and Ilikan pierced the fire giant with an Ice Shard for the death blow. Searching the giant they found a Rod of the Vonindod which Ilikan kept.

Once arriving in Fireshear they found a griffon riding station where Ilikan befriended the proprietor, Dashara, who was a fellow Emerald Enclave member which offered to teach them to ride the griffons with a free 3-day course and passage to Neverwinter. Upon leaving Fireshear on the griffons they watched helplessly as a boat of 20 Frost Giants laid siege to the town. Ilikan rushed back to warn Dashara of the imminent attack but could do no more faced with such overwhelming odds. He continued onto Neverwinter with a heavy heart.

Journey to Waterdeep
19 Mirtul 1492DR

XP- 2000
GP- 0
DT – 10
Renown – 1
Magic Item – Bag of Holding (Alion), Wand of Secrets (Lyss) Cloak of the Manta Ray (Ilikan)

Lysss writes:

I hear birdssss. Makes sense as we are traveling by Griffon to Neverwinter. As we land just outside the coassstal cccity, headss are hung low due to our failure in securing Fireshear. Our goal, obtain a vessel to transssport uss south to Waterdeep. The ssailors require 33 gold for the trip and we are warned that we might have to defend ourselves. Fortunately, the first two days of travel went by without incident. Passsssing the Red Rockss, the ssailor in the crows nesst soundss the alarm. Three masts are approaching from the distance. Alion and I take charge of the ship’sss ballistass. Illikan prepares to control the weather and seas to sink the enemy ssship. Unfortunately, thessse ballissstass are broken and their accuracccy sufferss as a result. Ilikan crashed a tidal wave atop their vessel, washing their sssailors overboard. Eventually, they approached to boarding range. Combat ensued, despite Alion’s use of the ballista to take out as many of the crew as possible while blasting holesss in the sship. I used the darkness of Demogorgon’s cloak to shroud me while I sstruck down my foes, damning them to hell. Ilikan used his devine magic to create a strong gussst of wind, sending the raiders over the rail, plunging to their deathss in the ocean depthss. Arriving in Waterdeep, we learn that the Dancing Wave, a ship of interest, is missssing and might be the source of flotsam ssseen at sssea. When we got to the docksss to investigate the Moon Maiden but sssee that the crew has come assshore already. Rumor hasss it that they are at the Hanging Lantern tavern… and they sure were. Rowdy bunch. They were punching Alion in the face before befriending him and buying us beerssss. That opened a door (well, ship) for usss… now we have a sship at our disposal, provided we can meet the 10gp a day fee. Onward we press to the Roaring Horn to find some more information about Siric’s father’s whereabouts. The older man seemed to know that Artis Cimber went rogue. They couldn’t really help ussss, but were able to part with 3 magic items. A Bag of Holding for Alion and his minions, a Wand of Secrets for myself, and a Cloak of the Manta Ray for Ilikan. We take some eagles that Ilikan summon on a joyride up to the cloud giant castle that recently anchored above Waterdeep. It was Count Nimbolo and he was kind enough to tell us that he was here to discuss matters with the Lords of Waterdeep.

Raiding Port Llast
26 Mirtul 1492 DR

XP- 4595
GP- 2776
DT- 10
R- 1
Magic Items – Gauntlets of Ogre Strength Roll F 38 (Grim)

The group decides to go investigate the lost ship of the Dancing Wave to find Duvessa Shane’s Aunt. They meet with the pirates of the Moon Maiden who Alion and gang. At the bar, the group meets Farros a Human Ranger, who is seeking employment. In need of an extra hand the party agrees for him to join in the sailing adventure. They hire the pirates at 10gp a day and 2/3 of the possible spoils they may obtain.

The group sets sail as the pirate’s brief them in daily pirate activities. After uneventful day one, the group is tasked to fish for provisions. Illican and Alion are able provide a few days food. The pirates are pleased. After a few more hours the ship passes the Mere of Dead Men, thousands of dwarves were slain here by an Orc army.

The captain rings his bell calling over the pirates to the general quarters. Another mast begins to show itself in the distance. The pirates point out it’s another pirate ship. A barrage of crossbow rain on the ship, and the crew do not have enough time to man the ballista the enemy pirate ship is ready to board.

The crew makes quick work of the first two round of the enemy pirates. Farros makes quick work of the enemy crew, and the captain calls to board and take the ship. The boats are grappled together. Alion is able to uncover the bandit crew’s worst fears and they begin to scatter They go below deck and the group takes chase dispatching them with haste. The party find a map of Torin which seems to be a treasure map of sorts. The map details 3 dragons inside a mountain and it is roughly 3 nights away. Grim suggests we seek the treasures for ourselves, but Alion emphasizes we gave the pirates our word. Grim agrees in the mean time that we will use the pirates for travel, but will take their treasure when we are back.

Lysss takes night watch and sees sea elves approaching the boat. Lysss alerts the crew, but the captain dismisses them as they are not a threat to the ship. Alion is awakened by the ring of the bell and is able to speak to the elves. The water elves warn that there are giants to the north, and they are destroying their homeland. They are swimming south as refugees to escape the destruction. The party informs the crew and they continue to sail north, but now with caution.

A few days pass and the seas are rough taking a toll on the crew. They continue searching and find some debris, and a giant ship in the distance. The captain says he refuses to go on a suicide mission facing the frost giants. Grim threatens the captain and the crew jumps on the party. Threatened by the actions of the pirate crew the party murders all of them against Alion’s best judgement. Now controlling the ship, Grimm as captain, they make their way towards the immense vessel docked in the distance. As they go closer they hear the sounds of a village being pillaged and destroyed.

At full speed, they make their way to towards the giants, but they are unable to stop the ship! Two Winter wolves are on the boat with no giants in sight. With the boat out of control, Ilikan submerges his head underwater to call forth his fish friends to help steer the ship. Lyss at the helm with Grim navigating, they ram the giant boat. Lysss, Grim, and Illican make it safely aboard dazing the wolfs with the impact. Alion and Farros get knocked off the boat but quickly scale the ship. The group makes quick work of the first wolf, and set their focus on the second. No giants in sight yet. The second wolf is slayed, and a frost giant appears from below. Grim’s swift action he is able to chop down the giant with the assistance of his newly formed pirate crew. Another Giant emerges and Lysss slows him and the group takes advantage of his inability to move quickly. Ilikan lights him up with faery fire and the ranged easily target the exposed giant. The boat goes quiet… too quiet. Smoke begins to pour from the bowels of the ship. Somehow a fire has erupted.

Hearing the fighting in the village stop, the adventurers ready themselves on the ballista for an incoming giant force. The giants are unaware of the pirate crew that has taken their ship and are not ready for the assault to come. Two ballista bolts are let loose injuring one of the three giants trying to board their own ship. The party continues the ranged onslaught as the giants near. One giant cannot handle the peppering attacks is slain before coming aboard, as the other two climbs onto the ship. Alion exposes one of the giant’s greatest fears (he’s trruely a Goliath) and the it is too frightened to fight jumps overboard as Farros shoots it in the eye killing it. The last giant more resilient takes down Grimm, but with his last breath holds strong. The frost giant cannot believe such a small ord can be so resilient, and turns his back to the others while he goes for the killing blow to the barbarian. Taking the opportunity of the giant’s malicious intent, the party slay the giant. With only seconds to spare the party quickly into the water knowing if they stray any longer they will feel the full force of the giant’s army. Ilikan summons two sea horses, turns into a sea horse, and uses his cloak to get to shore. At shore Illikan lets out a smirk as the giant’s ship burns in the distance. They sit at shore reading the journal which was found below deck:

“Frost Giant Storvolt is the leader of the frost giant’s and is seeking to find Artis Simber’s ring to prove to the giant’s god that they are higher in the caste system.”

Eye of the All Father
9 Kythorn 1492 DR

XP- 4880
GP- 1040
DT- 10
R- 1
Players – Grim, Farros, Alion, Ilikan, Lysss
Magic Items – Halbard +1 (F,10,20 Grim), Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location (Alion)

Recap -

Translated from the Orc:

It wasn’t difficult to convince my fellow travellers that we should head north on the High Road to Luskan and from there to Mirabar to search for Weevil—we must find him for the Network before anyone else does. On the trail, we were met by a caravan of like-minded individuals who unfortunately had no new information, but did confirm what I’d last heard regarding the bandit.

On the Blackford Road heading east to Mirabar we discovered a group of Stone Giants. Farros seemed to think it was odd they had wandered so far from the mountains, but it is of no matter. As we laid in wait, a few of them ventured off heading north looking as though they were ready for a fight. We took the opportunity to ambush the remaining giant and slay him where he stood.

Turning our attention to the others, we saw a skirmish between the three stone giants and, unbelievably, Harshnag the Grim—I do enjoy that epithet—of the Gray Hands. It appeared he was struggling, being outnumbered, so we joined him in battle and slew the remaining monsters.

He joined us on our journey to Mirabar and on the way asked for our help with finding the Temple of the All Father in the northern mountains. My compatriots could not refuse him though we had other work to do.

In our quest, we stumbled upon an orc encampment, but there were of no challenge, despite Ilikan’s efforts otherwise. He needs to get a better handle on his magicks if he is going to attempt to use them. Entrapped by the orcs were some halflings who we helped find their way home—how many of these diversions must we make? They, at least, did reward us, offering a fine halberd which had been used to defend their clan for generations, supposedly.

Finally, we were able to make it to the eye and enter the temple with Harshnag. We were not the first to do so. In front of us was a tribe of Uthgardt Barbarians. But, like all previous fights, these foes posed no threat and we made quick work of them.


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