Storm Kings Thunder

Tower of Zephyros
Over Faerun the Month of Ches 1492DR

XP- 5600
DT – 10
R – 1
Magic Items – Bag of Holding (Grim)

The group decides to go south avoiding the ogre and the goblin room.

They arrive in an irregular shaped room with a stream pouring into the room; it’s just wide enough to move in a single file. They squeeze through and enter a stone chamber. A natural formed pillar sits in the middle of the room.

Ilikan notices some tracks on the ground and begins notices the lead to a passage that goes to the east. The others follow.

The chamber opens into a large room with a stalactite garden. Ilikan hears a grumbling ogre not thinking twice Ilikan decides hurls a produced flame enraging the brute.

The group engages two ogres and a handful of goblins

After dispatching the ogres the group takes 3 goblin prisoners. They convince them to to help in the search of the prisoners. With the assistance of the goblins the group finds the prisoners. They are unsure to trust the party, as it seams they are allied with the goblins. After freeing them from the shackles all doubts are gone and they move to exit the labyrinth of caves and head to Nightstone.

After exiting they notice in the distance, a goblin warren is escaping. The party thinks about chasing them down, but they decide it might be too dangerous. Alion is not happy they escaped safely.

We return to Morak (dwarf) at the Nightstone inn and present the rescued prisoners. He thanks the party, but brings up another pressing matter. Morak, with an obvious distain is unsure about the Zhentarim that helped the town. Grim defends Zents emphasizing how they were there to help the town and nothing more.

Morak thanks the group again for saving the people. He mentions he has some work for them in the morning and provides lodging for the night.

Morak offers the party to help give the bad news that loved ones from Nightstone have been slain. After some discussion they decide decides to go to the Ten Towns to tell Marcum that his sister has been killed.

After a short trip the group sees a floating citadel flying by on a cloud. Intrigued by the magic they decide to investigate. The citadel is a majestic tint of blue with a strange wizard hat on top of a tower. Making there way up the strap stairs, they disappear one by one as they ascend. Grim knocks on the door, a voice asks them to enter.

Inside the tower Zephyros greets the adventurers. Lyss tells him that giants have taken the Nightstone. Zephyros explains about the ordering, a caste system of giant order. They wanted harmony with the small folk, but since Tiamat has come the giants have started looting and pillaging breaking the ordering. A prophesy has spoken about a group of adventurers possibly us. He offers to fly us near the Ten Towns to offer the group assistance.

On the third day of flying 9 very thin and lightly armored humans on vulture approach the cloud and demand to speak to Zepheros. They seek to return the land to the days of the giants and think they require Yan-c-bin’s assistance. Zepheros decides to sleep on it.

The next day Zepheros tells the cultists he cannot help at the moment, but perhaps in the future. The cultists, seemingly hostile to the party fly away after leaving a gift. A pouch of pixie dust was gifted, and given to the party. The nimbus continues on.

A few days later a Lord’s Alliance patrol fly’s down onto the cloud ready to attack. Lyss and Alion ask them to stand down and convince the leader that the giant is helping us on a mission and perhaps we can keep eyes on him. The lord’s alliance leader tells us there a lot of giant activity in the Ten City area and orders us to speak to Awkrock Brinhelm in Bryn Shander and to not let it fall at all costs. They also note that two other cities have recently fallen due to giant attacks. It turns out these two cities were the other places Morak told us about. The Lord’s Alliance departs after providing a new mission and telling us of the news.

A day later the cloud reaches Bryn Shander. The cloud begins to descend towards the city.

The Dripping Caves
Ardeep Forest 16 Ches 1492DR

GP- 13

Recap by Lysss:
We resssumed our quesst looking for the humans that esscaped Nightstone, which had been ransssacked by giants & goblinss, before being occupied by some more mysssterious humans. I will have to sspy on them for an underssstanding of how they will serve my race. In our sssearch of the forest caves to the northeast, we found an entrance to a dark cave that had an ogre taking a mudbath. Sssnoring was heard nearby also, so Aramis turned me invisible for a quick look at who or what isss ssleeping. Finding a sssecond ogre and some goblinss, I decided it’sss best that I get this information back to the otherss. The group decidess to look around outside for other entrances and come to a chimney with the smell of burned hair coming out. Aramis decided to climb down firsst and lossst his footing, tumbling down below. That’ss when I heard him ssscream for help, then headed down the hand holds to utilize the magic gifted to me by Demogorgon. Sslaying the goblin, we continue to explore the cave network, finding the original cave we were trying to avoid before turning back around heading wessst. That’s where we ssaw the Goblin King. I tried to talk sssense into him and strike a deal, but hiss political ineptnesss infuriated me… and my feelings were confirmed when Alion told us that he was planning our demise. That’s when I reached for his pudgy green neck with my electrified grasp and battle ensued. 3 goblins and seven ratsss later, we are already looking for loot on the bodiess. A quick talk with prisoner Daphne tells us that there are other ogers and that we should get back to the Lady of Nightstone. Ssshe’ss dead.

Welcome to Nightstone
Village of Nightstone 16 Ches 1492DR

GP- 445
DT – 10
Renown – 2

Recap – A group of adventurers set off for Nightstone after hearing of it being under siege by some giants. As they arrived things felt out of place but that didn’t discourage Aramis from charging into the middle of town screaming like a mad man. Unfortunately, there were a couple Worgs awaiting the bold Aramis catching him by surprise and rendering him unconscious as the rest of the party dropped the Worgs.

After reviving Aramis and helping him to his feet, the next encounter fared better for the group as Alion fire a few magic missiles killing one of two goblins, Aramis the other after confusing him with an insult laced attack of words as the goblin turned to run off and slammed into the wall killing himself.

The group began a systematic search of the town going building by building killing goblin after goblin in the most peculiar of ways even as one was eldritch blasted stuck to a fence post. Their search turned up several dead townsfolk and one Kella Darkhop, who was found alive hiding in the church. They continued on through the graveyard, the Stable, a few cottages and a trading post with a shield with a lion on it.

After clearing the town they continued on to the Keep where they found the bridge was partially destroyed by a massive boulder, probably thrown during the giant siege. Using a rope, all but Ilikan travelled into the keep and Ilikan retreated back to the center of town out of sight. The keep yielded only more dead people but soon a group of soldiers, led by Zulkan, arrived upon Nightstone and began to occupy the town.

Shortly after, tens of Orcs began to storm the town. The group was able to hold off the attack ending when Grim took down their leader (Gurrash) with a well-placed axe to the head. The group would spend the night to recover before setting off to find the missing villagers, leaving Kella and Zulkan to watch the town.

Call to Arms
Village of Nightstone 15 Ches 1492DR

You have assembled a party of like minded adventurers in Waterdeep, each with their own goals, but sharing one purpose to investigate the giant uprising. The sword coast is still reeling from the raids of the Cult of the Dragon and now the giants have begun raiding and pillaging the land in the defeated Tiamats wake.

Giants have emerged from their strongholds to threaten civilization as never before. Hill giants are stealing all the grain and livestock they can, while stone giants have been scouring settlements that have been around forever. Fire giants are press-ganging the small folk into the desert, while frost giant longships have been pillaging along the Sword Coast. Even the elusive cloud giants have been witnessed, their wondrous floating cities appearing above Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate.

The only way the people of Faerun can restore order is to use the giants’ own power against them. You have been dispatched to Nightstone to investigate such an item that perhaps can assist and directed to follow any leads it may give you.


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