Ilikan Katho-Elani the Mountain

Goliath Druid


Age: 29
Height: 8’4"
Weight: 375
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Grey
Hair: Bald


Ilikan had a typical upbringing but was always found of nature. He regularly disappear into the woods near his village and befriend the animals. As a young adult he began hanging out with the elder shaman and became his unofficial apprentice of sorts. Learning all he could he began learning to channel nature and speak with the animals, even capable of controlling them.

One day he encountered some young rival clan members in the woods while trying to dominate a mountain lion. In the middle of his ritual one of the young clansmen surprised them and the cat reacted and mauled the youth. The others quickly ran off to tell the rest of their clan what happened in the woods. Scared he did not know what to do, so Ilikan dumped the body in a river and ran back to his village.

The next day the rival village attacked Ilikan’s village and he used a spell he was learning but wasn’t prepared to cast yet as the earth trembled creating a landslide that raged out of control and killed ALL of the attackers. Saddened by the result Ilikan was horrified, but the village celebrated his great victory and anointed him the savior of the village bestowing the nickname, The Mountain. Deep down he knew he was the cause for all this, but feared the recourse of revealing the truth.

He had heard of some giants causing problems across the lands and figured this could be his chance to prove himself worthy of his designation as Savior and Hero. He instead came up with the idea to go on a test of manhood and left the village to seek his test and earn his “Hero” status by defeating these giants. At last he bids his final farewells and travels beyond the mountain to find adventurers to help him in his quest.

Ilikan Katho-Elani the Mountain

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