Storm Kings Thunder

Doom of the Desert
10 Flamerule 1492DR

XP- 22125
GP- 10006
Magic Items- Manual of Bodily Health (Ilikan), Adamantine Chain Armor (Ilikan), Quarterstaff +3 (Alion), Javelin of Lightning (Lysss), Boots of Striding and Springing (Lysss), Pipes of Haunting (Lysss), Shield of Missile Attraction (Ilikan), Scimitar Defender (Ilikan)


Release the Kraken
5 Flamerule 1492DR

XP- 18750
GP- 1000
DT- 5
R- 1
Magic Items – Dancing Greatsword (Grim)H-66/1, Warhammer +1 (Ilikan) F-5/32, Ring of Shooting Stars (Lysss) H-19, Amulet of proof against detection and location F-22 (Trashed)

Recap by Lysss –
What is thisss goosssse on thisss chip? Musst be for a gambling establishment. The group feelss there might be a casino in Yartar, a river city to the north. Finding one, we deccceive the manager Pow-Ming, who iss ever sussspectful of cheaters. Sssneaking into the captain’ss quarters, our dissscussion was cut sshort as he was strangled before our very eyes by an unseen force. Fortunately, he was able to mutter the name of the vesssel where King Hekaton was being held… the Markoth. The repaired airship hasstily carries us towardss the whipping waves of the Ssword Coasst as we locate the sship. The battle with the mage onboard wasss intensse, with the King’ss body doubled asss the battlefield. With Demogorgon’ss blesssing we were able to overcome our foe and the horn was then blown to return usss, along with the freed giant king, to his daughters who had sset uss upon thiss quest restore hisss power.

Kings Court
22 Kythorn 1492 DR

XP – 16700
GP – 7525
DT – 5
R – 0
Magic Items – Driftglobe B87 (Ilikan), Necklace of Adaptation G94 (Alion), Ring of Evasion G65 (Grim), Ring of Spell Storing G70 (Lyss), Shield +1 F18 (Ilikan) , Wand of Fear F89 (Lysss)

Recap, translated from Orc:

Upon entering the room, four giants charged us and began to attack. Against my better judgment, I took the blows as Ilikan and the others in my party attempted to parley. After much talk in the strange, guttural language I did not understand—a cloud giant—would not stand down. Oddly the other giants stood to the side and laughed as I destroyed the lone attacker, first crushing her chest then her head, leaving only a pink sludge.

We continued into the stronghold and found the Throne Room, which was guarded by two stupid, puny Hill Giants. However, having not defended myself previously, they were able to strike me down. I am shamed. Lysss finished them off and my companions did what they could to restore my stamina, but I was still wounded and winded.

Barging into the Throne Room, Cyrissa, allowed us to explain the situation. When we alleged that her sisters were involved, Iymrith revealed herself and all hell broke loose as the different factions began to fight. One Storm Giant came to face us. He proved to be a challenge for the group, but as my fellow travelers distracted him, I was able to strike him down with a killing blow.

Cyrissa’s faction won out and she had her sisters Nym and Mereen arrested and taken away. She asked for our help in finding her father and retrieving her royal scepter the dragon in disguise stole. The only clue she could give us is a wooden coin with the symbol of a golden goose that she found beside her murdered Mother’s corpse. I knew I recognized it, but could not place it, having taken too much of a beating this day. Luckily, Alion was able to also remember that it’s from the North.

She returned us to Oribar so that we could take our restored airship and search the Savage Frontier for her father.

22 Kythorn 1492 DR

XP – 7905
GP – 2150
DT – 10
R – 1
Magic Item – Maul +2 G 24 (Ilikan)

“Kalalythica has gone mad seeking all this power. Why is he even bothering the small folk, there has always been an understanding that we stay out of their business.” Whispers one giant prepping for a ritual.

“I don’t understand her motives either, changing the ordning is dang- hey did you hear that?”

From the shadows, just beyond the rope bridge a goliath and half elf approach.

“I seek the giant’s that will join our cause.” Says Illikan with a glazed look.

Puzzled, and startled the giants give pause and allow Illikan to continue, “It seems we have been chosen by greater beings then us to unite. We overheard you also do not agree with Kalalythica’s treatment of the small folk. We have been tasked to investigate and restore the ordning and the path has brought us to Kalalythica she must be stopped. Perhaps you can help?”

“Ha, you puny fools, Kalalythica is too powerful for small folk. We do not even dare enter her chambers. She is far too dangerous to cross,” one of the giants scoffs as he walks towards a boulder to perhaps arm himself.

“Hold on brother.” The second giant grabs him by the shoulder, “If these small folks have been chosen to restore the ordning, maybe they can help defeat Kalalythica.

“How can we prove ourselves,” Illikan interrupts.

“Kalalythica has gone so mad she has sided with filthy Barbarians, if you rid this cave system of them we will see if we can convince the others to at least hold back to allow you to face her. I do not want to alert the other giants you are here, as there are few who are very loyal. If you hold your bargain we will hold ours. Once this is done we can show you where her chamber is.”

In a deep guttural voice from the darkness Grim mutters, “It will be done.”
“Yesssss this is your chanccccce Ferrossssssss to redeem your wife’sssss life.

Ferros emerges from the darkness and looks at the giant’s with as death stare. “Perhaps you were there when my wife was raped in front of me as you picked your teeth with my child’s bones. It is not you or the others I fault, Kalalythica must die!”

The giants nod to Ferros making sure not to stare into his hatred. “Let it be, find us in the caves when you rid this place of the barbarians, we will hold our side of the bargain and grant you access to face Kalalythica.

Without hesitation Grim climbs up the rope, “Over here, I think I heard something, definitely not giants.” He goes over to take a better look as the others slowly make their way back up the rope losing sight of the giants.

Alion, the last to make it up see’s Grim come back from the darkness.

“They’re sleeping, they won’t expect an ambush some of them are sleeping others are circle jerking around a fire.” Grim states, “there’s about 6, maybe 8, not sure I almost charged in, but held back.”

“So the savage finally learned his lesson after the Roc incident,” Alion snickers.

“Let’ssss approach quietly Demigorgan hassss a plan.” Lysss says while slithering towards the entrance. “Grim distract the ones playing with each other.

Grim picks up a rock and tosses just out of sight of the chamber. “Hey, what was that. Boss will kill us if he saw what we we’re doing.”

With the distraction Lysss motions with her hands and begins to mumble, “Demigorgan deafen the ones asleep.

From the darkness Alion threads a suggestion into the unwilling barbarian.
“I didn’t hear anything, guys let’s continue I want to finish, c’mon.” as one confusingly begins to hold the others back reaching for their crotches. The other barbarians shrug him off, “GET THEM!”

Grim charges forward with his glaive howling with a blood rage. In a blink of an eye manages to cleave one in two. One of the barbarians move out of way charging, and it seems two rust monsters were feasting on their own cages. Seeing the fresh steel of the glaive they charge forward to Grim.

“Oh no you don’t,” Ferros reacts sniping them with 4 arrows stopping them in their place.

Seeing the barbarian charge towards Grim, Illikan produces a wall of flames scorching the barbarian causing him to quickly reposition.

In a frenzied flurry, Grim and Ferros finish off the awake barbarians one by one. The only ones left are the deafened sleeping barbarians which Alion begins to drain their blood, slicing their throats open making sure to feel the warmth pour over his hands. “Yes these will do” Alion crushes some bone dust from his pouch, then begins to cut into his palm. “Rise my children. The recently dispatched barbarians skin melts as bones rise into animated skeletons.

“More, let’s kill more,” Grim forces his way through to another hallway.

“Wait,” Ferros says. Ferros sees a tentacle creature with a large gaping maw blocking the cave entrance. “It looks hungry, Illikan quickly reacts, “so let’s feed it.” Illikan drags some barbarian bodies to the dark pool, tossing them forward making a big splash. Lashing out a tentacle grabs the body and brings it towards it’s maw and quickly rejects it throwing it at the cave wall. The sound of bones snapping echoes throughout the chamber.

“It won’t eat flesh, I’ve heard of such a creature before. It must be a Roper. ” Ferros remembers. It only eats jewels.
“Ha eating Jewels, who’d ever heard of such a thing? Alion begins to flip through his tome looking for any reference. He reaches into his bag taking out a heart shaped gem stone. You’re telling me this precious stone that I worked hours for is what this thing eats. You ARE dumber then you look. Alion begins taunting Ferros motioning the precious stone towards the creature. The sound of a whip cracks as a tentacle lashes towards Alion’s hand as the gem is forced from his grip. “Noooo I was going to use that for my research.” Alion cries out.

Ferros quips, “You are dumber than you look, it won’t be long before it’s hungry again let’s go.”

“I hear singing, sounds like they are having fun, let’s make sure this is the last time they have any.” Grim clasps his halberd charging forward charging up a wall entering into a odd shaped room. It seems this room is shaped for a ritual sacrifice. Dagger in hand a barbarian shaman snickers, “The last component to finish the ritual, a Half Orc’s heart. “

Reacting to Grim’s impatience, Lyssss asks Demigorgan to even out the odds. Black ichor begins to manifest around the barbarian’s slowing them in their place.

The shaman begins to chant as images of barbarian gods fill the room. With the ritual almost complete the shaman’s power emits forces not felt by Illikan before. He lets out a tidal wave attempting to disrupt the ritual. Steadfast the ritual continues to drain the life force from each of the group one by one as finally Ferros is able to put an end to it.

“We must be more careful I will scout ahead, Grim stay back.” Ferros suggests. In the next cave entrance, he notices mushrooms and petrified giants scattered about. They do not seem harmful until he sees a dark pool. At a closer look they look like black puddings. Circling he sees another entrance where giants seem to be bathing. Mustering all his restraint from putting two arrows in the back of the giants heads, he goes back to the party. “No barbarians that way. Let’s go back to the entrance.”

Ferros creeps forward waving everyone on when the coast is clear. “I think I hear snoring.” Illikan whispers. “I’ll go check it out.” Illikan returns, there’s 5 they are sleeping. If we go in quietly all at once, they will be easy to handle. Illikan gives the signal and one by one Ferros, Illikan, Grim, Alion, Lysss kill the sleeping barbarians simultaneously.

“I think there are more barbarians in that chamber,” Alion suggests as Ferros and Lysss take a better look. “It’sssss the giantssss we befriended,” Lysss notessss. “Perhappppsss we ssssshould give a sssssignal.”

Grim nods taking out his halberd chopping into a barbarian cleaving off its head then tossing it into the chamber with the giants. “We met our side of the bargain,” he bellows.

Shocked, the giants respond, “We could only convince two comrades, the others thought we were playing a prank.” The giants nod. “You look like you could use some rest, you will need it. Kalalythica’s entrance is just beyond the northern chamber we should be able to buy you enough time. If you do not return, we will never speak of this.

After preparing for Kalalythica, Ferros, Illikan, Grim, Alion, and Lysss enter her chamber. The enormous cavern encircled with carvings of old petrified giants circling a stone spire. One bridge connects the entrance spanning over bubbling mud.

“No one shall enter my chambers, booming from a distance Kalalythica screams.”. “How did these small folk manage to get in here?!”

The mud begins to bubble vigorously as a fossilized giant emerges. Mud flies through the chamber coating everyone hindering their movement. It is so thik they are unable to react fast enough.

Not prepared for such an assault Ferros can only manage to get one arrow. Grim also coated in the think mud begins to hack at the giant slowly chipping away at it. Illikan looks to expose the giant weaknesses engulfing it in dayglo light. Lyssss tries to keep it at bay with forceful demigorgan energies. Alion attempts to suck the last of the life forces out of the stone. Finially the fossilized giant falls, the party not expecting what is to come next.

Time seems to stop as Kyalithica materializing behind Alion and clubs him nearly to death. Illikan lets out a great lightning bolt of energy. Kylithica seems to be hurt. With a coordinated attack, the others overwhelm manage to overwhelm her as she begins to cry out. “The giants can’t be trust” She falls back into the mud slowly disappearing.

Ferros drops to the ground crying, relieved he has avenged his wife and child’s death.,

They quickly go up the spire and find some notes, Alion reads out loud “The giants can’t be trusted.” And a sack which seems to be moving. Grim gives a swift kick and it yells out in pain.

Ferros recognizing the yell, “Elister, you’re alive? Freeing him of his bounds.

“Yes, your wife and child did not make it out of Norembar I’m sorry to tell you. Thank you for saving me I knew someone would come for me.

“I wasn’t loo-“Ferros qucily stops.

At the doorway, the giants approach.

“Thank you Ferros and others for killing Kalalythica. She was a tyrant that had to be stopped. We cannot repay yu for your loss Ferros, but we will offer to help rebuild Norembar, it is the only thing we can offer.”
Ferros lets out a last sigh almost in relief putting Norembar behind him.

“Here it is the conch” Illikan boasts. Let’s go we must make haste.

Ferros, Illikan, Grim, Alion, and Lysss return tot heir air ship resting for a night.

“I’ve been looking this thing over, and I do not understand it’s power. How do we activate a conch it just is so confusing? I tried rituals, I tried looking in my tome, I just can’t seem to find the answer. Alion puzzled unable to sleep.

“It’s a conch have you tried blowing into it? Illikan demands.

“That’s ridiculo-“ Alion cut off by a loud blaring noise.

Water begins to fill the room, and it seems Illikan has triggered the portal. Ferros, Illikan, Grim, Alion, and Lysss are teleported into a strange room surrounded by coral.

At the top of the staircase Caribbean music is being played.

Two giant sized corridors with stairs 4ft tall seem to go up forever. Looking through the openings of the room it looks like they are under the sea.

After climbing the stairs, they enter another chamber and the music stops.

“What are you doing in here.” A giant question.

“We are seeking Sarissa” Grim demands smacking his halberd to the ground.

“Why yes welcome, wait here and we will get her for you. Here make yourselves at home. We giants welcome the small folk here.”

A few hours go by as a lady giant enters the chamber.

“Sarissa? Illikan questions waving.

“Get them they are the lords alliance assassins responsible for kink Hekatong’s disappearance.” Nymm screams.

In a blink of an eye as if an illusion is dropped four giants appear, they do not seem happy to see Ferros, Illikan, Grim, Alion, and Lysss.

Canyon of the Stone Giants
19 Kythorn 1492 DR

XP- 3113
GP- 199
DT- 10
R- 1
Magic Items- Manual of Bodily Health H 86 (Grim), Mariners Chain Mail B 92/10 (Ilikan)

Recap by Lysss-

The date is SSSixth-day, 16th Kythorn, 1492 DR.

We begin thiss leg of our journey in Orlbar… restocking our sssupplies and performing ship repairss. The plan is to head to the easst, travelling to the Graypeaks in order to get to the ssstone giants and find the conch relic. We’ll be on foot this time, as the airship repairss are not yet complete.

As we head into the mountain, Ilikan smells the sssavory scent of fresh meat being cooked. He sees some giant tracks, along with some smaller animal tracks. Following them, we find ourselvess in the foothils of the mountainsss. There are petrified giant bodies clinging to the rock. Ilikan tells uss that this is some time of stone giant burial ritual. We can make out the outline of a giant bird nest on the top of the cliff through the sswirling mists.

Suddenly, a giant bird talon pushes an adventurer off of the canyon wall in front of uss. A forboding sign that causes me to move cautiously. Grim, however, remains unnerved and proceeds sstraight ahead. A hungry, gigantic bird with a masssive wingspan begins diving at Grim, thinking he’s an easy target. Ilikan mutters an incantation and the bird begins to be pulled directly to the ground by long magical lashesss. We all use the flying beast as target practice, while the Roc tumbles to the earth. The damn thing kept ssscreeching and its master, a stone giant, began moving through the mistsss towards us. Once in view, the stone giant flingss a boulder at Ilikan, causing him to lose concccentration on the earth bindings. The Roc takesss flight, picking up Grim and carrying him far into the ssky. Ilikan springs into action, shapeshifting into a giant eagle, charging after Grim and the Roc. I was able to channel Demogorgon’sss force to break the bird’s sspine, causing him to drop from the ssky being swooped up by eagle Ilikan at the last moment.

But it’ss too late… Grim’s lifeless body hangs from Ilikan’s talons. Ilikan quickly returnsss him to the ground and begins to sstreak across the sky to a hostile barbarian and her pet bear, that emerged from a cave in the canyon wall. In the meantime, the giant reels back and swings his enormous club into my body, shattering every bone, and I fold to the ground in place. Alion is targeted next, and a heavy gray rock is launched through the air, finding itsss mark, crushing Alion to death.

Ilikan, flapss his wings furioussly to slow his decent upon approach to ssave Grim. In the blink of an eye, Ilikansss original form is restored and our friend assists Grim back to life. Not a second later, Grim pouncess to his feet… instincts telling him that his comrades are in trouble. He rushes towards Alion and kicks the boulder from off his fallen body and administerss the red liquid of a Potion of Healing to him, restoring Alion’s vitality. Ilikan, now free to go on the offensive, ssummonsss lightning which he uses to fry the bear as it was running through the sstream and very susssceptable to the electricity. For the next handful of sseconds, Ilikan continues to call lightning from the sskies in an unrelenting assssult on the attackerss.

I am awake! Looking acrosss the battle, I catch a glanccce from Ilikan and know that he has ssaved me from perishing. What will we do though? Moments later, before I could come up with my own answer, Alion emits a sickly green magical aura that coursed through the air and entered the giants nostrils. Immediately, the giants sskin began to shrivel and ssink in. It was as if his life essence was being drained from hisss body. As the giant lost his life, his withered sskin hardened into ssolid ssstone.

Ilikan summonss constricting snakes that hold down Hydia, the barbarian, and begin eating her flesh. Continually holding her down, it wasn’t long before she would sssuccumb to the relentlesss squeezing from the reptiles. After the carnage is over, we are able to ssecure the area and take ssome time to bandage our wounds. During the ssearch, we came acrossss some magic chain mail armor. Grim also climbed up the canyon faccce to the Roc nest and found a treasure chest and mysteriouss tome.

The sstone giant roc handler had chamberss that we investigated, finding an entrance into the canyon down some giant stepss which we needed to climb down. That seemss to be the best choice, however, as we hear the voices of barbarians in a nearby room. We’ll never get to the conch if we have to battle more foesss. Careful not to alert any of the remaining inhabitants, we exit the cave and proccceed further up the canyon. Along the way, there are many openings in the canyon face, ssome at ground level; ssome higher. There are even bridges ssspanning the canyon between the higher cave openings. Grim, using the residual SSpider Climb ability bestowed by Ilikan earlier in the day, assscended the sheer cliff to investigate the cavernss that were closer to our detection of the powerful magic in the conch. A few minutess later, Grim appearss at the ledge and begins lowering a rope… our ssignal that we’ve found the entrance we are looking for. Careful not to disturb the two nearby giants that are deep in conversation about their dissssatisfaction with their leader, the group scramblesss up the rope to join Grim in exploring the canyon cave further.

The Oracle
16 Kythorn 1492DR

XP- 2460
GP- 140
DT- 10
R- 1

Recap -

Our heroes arrive at the Glimmerwood to what looked like a sinkhole in the ground where the party comes across a rope. While trying to decide how to advance Grim begins descending the rope prompting Alion to follow, while climbing down a tribe of Uthgardt barbarians are alerted and charge the party. Ilikan casts a Sleet Storm spell to provide cover while he and the rest of the party awaits Grim and Alion to reach the bottom. Suddenly a manticore appeared from a spring and attacked them encouraging Farros to jump off the ledge trying to catch the rope further down, but failed miserably at doing so. Lysss and Ilikan then slide down the rope being sure to hold firmly to it.

Grim, Alion and Lysss defeated the manticore as Ilikan scurried down the rope as Farros lied face down on the ground. Ilikan then cast a Faerie Fire illuminating the berserkers as they charged the group with tribal barbarians and shaman behind them also in pursuit. Farros awakened to take down the shaman with a well-placed arrow as the rest of the group dispatched the Berserkers and barbarians as the earth opens and Demogorgon slurps the remaining barbarians into a fiery demonic pit of hell.

After the battle, the group searched the altar and found a large treasure with a magical cracked horn inside, clearly finding the last relic needed to perform the ritual summon the Oracle and prove their worth to find the Giant Lord to acquire the Giant Conch.

Returning to the airship they came under attack by a group of 5 Berserker’s mounted on Manticores. Grim and Ilikan worked the rear Ballista in tandem. Lysss beckoned Demogorgon to memorize the group causing a Manticore to tumble from the sky. The group made quick work of the rest of barbarians and continued on to Harshnag and the Grey Peaks to confront the Oracle.

Using the relic, Harshnag perform the ritual and opened a path to the Oracle as they were granted 6 questions. After asking their questions they were able to clarify their path to repair the giant ordening and end the rebellion. Upon leaving the Oracle’s chamber they ran into Imrith, an Ancient Blue Dragon (aka the Terrible Evil). Harshnag sacrificed himself to give the party time to escape and fulfill their destiny by destroying the idol of the All-Father which created a cave-in trapping both the giant and the dragon.

Outside the group met rendezvous with their airship which was badly attacked, barely staying afloat. It appeared they had a run-in with Imrith prior to him entering the great hall of the Grey Peaks. They left immediately headed Southeast towards Deadstone Cleft, to find the Conch that would lead them to the Storm Giants hold and Sarissa, repairing the ship along the way. During the trip after passing the high point mountains they encounter a green dragon that attacked them. The dragon was able to breath his poison on the airship injuring the party and killing some of the crewmen. In typical fashion, the group banded together and defeated the dragon, with Grim cleaving off its head to finish him off.

Exhausted and weary the party set-off to the nearest town to restock and finish the repairs to the airship.

Up Up and Away
11 Kythorn 1492DR

XP- 5420
GP- 2
DT- 10
R- 1
Magic Items- Shard of the Ise Rune (Ilikan), Breast Plate +2 (Farros), Opal of the Ild Rune (Farros)

Quest Log – Farros
It’s been a been a while since I sent you an update. I know it’s crazy but when I send these letters it a part of me still believes that you’ll get these and know that all is well. Since I last wrote I found myself adventuring with a strange group of individuals, don’t worry they are okay. Well while adventuring with them I met up with this Giant, Harshnag, he’s apparently some legendary adventure.
Well because of him, the group travel through these mountains and reached the Temple of the All Father. Harshnag open the stone doors and we entered this enormous chamber. The ceiling was made to dwarf even the tallest giants, and in the very front was a 80-foot tall robe giant. Surrounded by several smaller statutes. From my studies of these monster each statute represented a type. Each with their preferred weapon, except one, Frost Giant.
Ilikan, the Goliath, my dear; made a rude comment about the quality of weapon the statute hold. Harshnag did not take kindly to that. I believe this Temple is of great importance to the giant race. In a different lifetime my love, it would have excited me to learn but I’ve learned all I need to slay the monsters and do not wish to humanize them. We continue our way leaving behind the enormous chamber and reach a room with a fireplace and a statute of a Remorhaz.
After a bit of searching, we find the missing weapon of the Frost Giant. Before we could react and true Remorhaz appeared from the fireplace. We sprung into action, the beast attempted to swallow Alion but the Elf was quick. Quick but not smart as he attempted to leave the beast’s range he did not protect his rear and the Remorhaz took a bite at him, tossing him aside. Grim dashed at the beast recklessly, I believe it was to save his friend. Harshnag and Grim distracted the creature from melee while the rest of us did our best to break the beast from afar. After the battle, I rushed over to Alion and insured that he will not fall. I will not allow one more person to fall by the hands of Giants, if it’s within my power, love.
Afterwards we placed the missing weapon on the statute, hoping it would cause something that could hint at what’s next. After waiting 10 minutes for Ilikan to do something with magic, it turned out to be a waste. You see, there was this magnificent archway with different runes carved into it, each rune pulsated with power but we could not crack the riddle behind them. After a few more failed attempts we decided to continue our journey through this temple.
I took the lead and went upstairs alone to see if any hostiles were left. I found hostiles but they were long gone from this world. I did find a shard that I was told later was magical. Why would something so powerful be left with three dwarf heads. As I pondered this Alion searched the corpses to reanimate, as you see love. I’m traveling with a necromancy, how I missed the days of our farm. Hope Jeffery is helping you shoulder the weight.
My continue searched of this temple led me to a tunnel. It seems that this is how those barbarians entered the temple. I did not deem it worth searching further and continued down the path. In my old age I must be getting careless, as others were checking the different rooms I stepped into a trap. A giant boulder appeared and I narrowly avoided being crushed under its weight. To think the Monster’s trap almost ended my life, I need to be more careful around these Monster’s dwelling.
After a few more minutes searching, we decided that to continue forward we must solve the riddle of the runes. I’m ashamed to admit this but due to the near death experience I wasn’t sure how we did it but at one point I came back to this world and the Archway was open for travel. We all step through one at a time and were face to face with the corpse of a Giant. Before I can gather my thoughts, the corpse pulsated and the Giant’s Ghost appeared in front of us. He states his name is Eigeron and that he was slain buy his father, Hekaton. The group seemed to be enthralled into the ghost speech but I could not care for the heeds of a dead Giant.
That was until a name slipped between his ethereal lips. Thane Kyalithica, the creature that ripped you from my grasp. It seems the ghost wants for us to stop Hekaton and to reach him we must defeat one of the giants that has passage to Palace buried under the sea. The joy I felt when it became apparent that my quest has merge with adventure knows no description. The group has done me a great honor by picking that creature to be the one that is slain. We sleep that at the temple and head towards Thane’s destruction.
While we prepared to leave, this ship with a balloon appears from the sky. Ilikan boards without discussion, how did that man live so long, the rest of us go wearily. It seems that ship is piloted by some Dragon Cultist that wish to help us complete our mission. Something of a Great Dragon of the North watching us. The Dragon wants us to slay a Giant, If they allow me rid Thane from this realm any quicker I will gladly continue slaying more Giants. We went on our course but were attacked by Aarakocra. It seems the cultist do not have a prodigious reputation. A few were killed in the attack. That did not delay our travels and we retrieved the first relic that will lead us to Thane. One more to go, love. It seems we will be united soon.

Eye of the All Father
9 Kythorn 1492 DR

XP- 4880
GP- 1040
DT- 10
R- 1
Players – Grim, Farros, Alion, Ilikan, Lysss
Magic Items – Halbard +1 (F,10,20 Grim), Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location (Alion)

Recap -

Translated from the Orc:

It wasn’t difficult to convince my fellow travellers that we should head north on the High Road to Luskan and from there to Mirabar to search for Weevil—we must find him for the Network before anyone else does. On the trail, we were met by a caravan of like-minded individuals who unfortunately had no new information, but did confirm what I’d last heard regarding the bandit.

On the Blackford Road heading east to Mirabar we discovered a group of Stone Giants. Farros seemed to think it was odd they had wandered so far from the mountains, but it is of no matter. As we laid in wait, a few of them ventured off heading north looking as though they were ready for a fight. We took the opportunity to ambush the remaining giant and slay him where he stood.

Turning our attention to the others, we saw a skirmish between the three stone giants and, unbelievably, Harshnag the Grim—I do enjoy that epithet—of the Gray Hands. It appeared he was struggling, being outnumbered, so we joined him in battle and slew the remaining monsters.

He joined us on our journey to Mirabar and on the way asked for our help with finding the Temple of the All Father in the northern mountains. My compatriots could not refuse him though we had other work to do.

In our quest, we stumbled upon an orc encampment, but there were of no challenge, despite Ilikan’s efforts otherwise. He needs to get a better handle on his magicks if he is going to attempt to use them. Entrapped by the orcs were some halflings who we helped find their way home—how many of these diversions must we make? They, at least, did reward us, offering a fine halberd which had been used to defend their clan for generations, supposedly.

Finally, we were able to make it to the eye and enter the temple with Harshnag. We were not the first to do so. In front of us was a tribe of Uthgardt Barbarians. But, like all previous fights, these foes posed no threat and we made quick work of them.

Raiding Port Llast
26 Mirtul 1492 DR

XP- 4595
GP- 2776
DT- 10
R- 1
Magic Items – Gauntlets of Ogre Strength Roll F 38 (Grim)

The group decides to go investigate the lost ship of the Dancing Wave to find Duvessa Shane’s Aunt. They meet with the pirates of the Moon Maiden who Alion and gang. At the bar, the group meets Farros a Human Ranger, who is seeking employment. In need of an extra hand the party agrees for him to join in the sailing adventure. They hire the pirates at 10gp a day and 2/3 of the possible spoils they may obtain.

The group sets sail as the pirate’s brief them in daily pirate activities. After uneventful day one, the group is tasked to fish for provisions. Illican and Alion are able provide a few days food. The pirates are pleased. After a few more hours the ship passes the Mere of Dead Men, thousands of dwarves were slain here by an Orc army.

The captain rings his bell calling over the pirates to the general quarters. Another mast begins to show itself in the distance. The pirates point out it’s another pirate ship. A barrage of crossbow rain on the ship, and the crew do not have enough time to man the ballista the enemy pirate ship is ready to board.

The crew makes quick work of the first two round of the enemy pirates. Farros makes quick work of the enemy crew, and the captain calls to board and take the ship. The boats are grappled together. Alion is able to uncover the bandit crew’s worst fears and they begin to scatter They go below deck and the group takes chase dispatching them with haste. The party find a map of Torin which seems to be a treasure map of sorts. The map details 3 dragons inside a mountain and it is roughly 3 nights away. Grim suggests we seek the treasures for ourselves, but Alion emphasizes we gave the pirates our word. Grim agrees in the mean time that we will use the pirates for travel, but will take their treasure when we are back.

Lysss takes night watch and sees sea elves approaching the boat. Lysss alerts the crew, but the captain dismisses them as they are not a threat to the ship. Alion is awakened by the ring of the bell and is able to speak to the elves. The water elves warn that there are giants to the north, and they are destroying their homeland. They are swimming south as refugees to escape the destruction. The party informs the crew and they continue to sail north, but now with caution.

A few days pass and the seas are rough taking a toll on the crew. They continue searching and find some debris, and a giant ship in the distance. The captain says he refuses to go on a suicide mission facing the frost giants. Grim threatens the captain and the crew jumps on the party. Threatened by the actions of the pirate crew the party murders all of them against Alion’s best judgement. Now controlling the ship, Grimm as captain, they make their way towards the immense vessel docked in the distance. As they go closer they hear the sounds of a village being pillaged and destroyed.

At full speed, they make their way to towards the giants, but they are unable to stop the ship! Two Winter wolves are on the boat with no giants in sight. With the boat out of control, Ilikan submerges his head underwater to call forth his fish friends to help steer the ship. Lyss at the helm with Grim navigating, they ram the giant boat. Lysss, Grim, and Illican make it safely aboard dazing the wolfs with the impact. Alion and Farros get knocked off the boat but quickly scale the ship. The group makes quick work of the first wolf, and set their focus on the second. No giants in sight yet. The second wolf is slayed, and a frost giant appears from below. Grim’s swift action he is able to chop down the giant with the assistance of his newly formed pirate crew. Another Giant emerges and Lysss slows him and the group takes advantage of his inability to move quickly. Ilikan lights him up with faery fire and the ranged easily target the exposed giant. The boat goes quiet… too quiet. Smoke begins to pour from the bowels of the ship. Somehow a fire has erupted.

Hearing the fighting in the village stop, the adventurers ready themselves on the ballista for an incoming giant force. The giants are unaware of the pirate crew that has taken their ship and are not ready for the assault to come. Two ballista bolts are let loose injuring one of the three giants trying to board their own ship. The party continues the ranged onslaught as the giants near. One giant cannot handle the peppering attacks is slain before coming aboard, as the other two climbs onto the ship. Alion exposes one of the giant’s greatest fears (he’s trruely a Goliath) and the it is too frightened to fight jumps overboard as Farros shoots it in the eye killing it. The last giant more resilient takes down Grimm, but with his last breath holds strong. The frost giant cannot believe such a small ord can be so resilient, and turns his back to the others while he goes for the killing blow to the barbarian. Taking the opportunity of the giant’s malicious intent, the party slay the giant. With only seconds to spare the party quickly into the water knowing if they stray any longer they will feel the full force of the giant’s army. Ilikan summons two sea horses, turns into a sea horse, and uses his cloak to get to shore. At shore Illikan lets out a smirk as the giant’s ship burns in the distance. They sit at shore reading the journal which was found below deck:

“Frost Giant Storvolt is the leader of the frost giant’s and is seeking to find Artis Simber’s ring to prove to the giant’s god that they are higher in the caste system.”

Journey to Waterdeep
19 Mirtul 1492DR

XP- 2000
GP- 0
DT – 10
Renown – 1
Magic Item – Bag of Holding (Alion), Wand of Secrets (Lyss) Cloak of the Manta Ray (Ilikan)

Lysss writes:

I hear birdssss. Makes sense as we are traveling by Griffon to Neverwinter. As we land just outside the coassstal cccity, headss are hung low due to our failure in securing Fireshear. Our goal, obtain a vessel to transssport uss south to Waterdeep. The ssailors require 33 gold for the trip and we are warned that we might have to defend ourselves. Fortunately, the first two days of travel went by without incident. Passsssing the Red Rockss, the ssailor in the crows nesst soundss the alarm. Three masts are approaching from the distance. Alion and I take charge of the ship’sss ballistass. Illikan prepares to control the weather and seas to sink the enemy ssship. Unfortunately, thessse ballissstass are broken and their accuracccy sufferss as a result. Ilikan crashed a tidal wave atop their vessel, washing their sssailors overboard. Eventually, they approached to boarding range. Combat ensued, despite Alion’s use of the ballista to take out as many of the crew as possible while blasting holesss in the sship. I used the darkness of Demogorgon’s cloak to shroud me while I sstruck down my foes, damning them to hell. Ilikan used his devine magic to create a strong gussst of wind, sending the raiders over the rail, plunging to their deathss in the ocean depthss. Arriving in Waterdeep, we learn that the Dancing Wave, a ship of interest, is missssing and might be the source of flotsam ssseen at sssea. When we got to the docksss to investigate the Moon Maiden but sssee that the crew has come assshore already. Rumor hasss it that they are at the Hanging Lantern tavern… and they sure were. Rowdy bunch. They were punching Alion in the face before befriending him and buying us beerssss. That opened a door (well, ship) for usss… now we have a sship at our disposal, provided we can meet the 10gp a day fee. Onward we press to the Roaring Horn to find some more information about Siric’s father’s whereabouts. The older man seemed to know that Artis Cimber went rogue. They couldn’t really help ussss, but were able to part with 3 magic items. A Bag of Holding for Alion and his minions, a Wand of Secrets for myself, and a Cloak of the Manta Ray for Ilikan. We take some eagles that Ilikan summon on a joyride up to the cloud giant castle that recently anchored above Waterdeep. It was Count Nimbolo and he was kind enough to tell us that he was here to discuss matters with the Lords of Waterdeep.


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